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REVEAL | December 4, 2023

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Work Packages

Reveal project partners will organize their work packages into different categories, ranging from project management all the way to dissemination. Here, you can find the complete list of work packages that will be included in Reveal.


  • Work Package 1: Users’ Requirements and Regulatory Framework

    WP1 will lay the foundations for all subsequent development work. It starts with a recap of the assumptions that were made in the proposal submission process and period. It will revisit the market and stakeholder analysis that has been conducted during the proposal stage, and update it with recent trends and development with regards to existing tools, services and market needs. Two detailed requirements analyses will be conducted, one in the area of journalism , and the other in the field of enterprise networks.

  • Work Package 2: Contributor Modelling

    This work package aims to discover contributor models across different social networks taking into account the contributor activity, and the structure/characteristics of the social networks in which the contribution is effectuated. The contributors’ profiles across different networks will be unified and contributors’ models will be derived. Next, an analysis of the social network(s) will take place, in terms of community and influential user detection. Finally, the trust level of each contributor will be derived and used in modelling the spread of information.

    Work Package 3: Multimedia Analysis and Indexing

    This work package will deal with the extraction of hidden modalities from the content of media items shared on social media platforms. More specifically, the work package aspires to develop a toolbox that facilitates the indexing of user-generated content which will be based on text, visual and hybrid analysis methods.

    Work Package 4: Context-centric Information Analysis

    This work package will deal with the semantic analysis of social, topical, and geo-spatial context information. The meaning, influence, significance, and authoritativeness of a particular content item is also reflected in the context in which we observe the tiem. The context of a content item can be assessed in several different ways. The aim of this work package is to provide a toolkit for analyzing different dimensions of context of both contributors and content items.

    Work Package 5: Modalities Analysis Framework

    This work package will utilise the information discovered in the WPs 2,3 and 4 to provide estimates of 1st and 2nd level modalities, which will be combined to provide a comprehensive view of the credibility of a media source and content. The above information will be presented to users in a unified visualization framework.

  • Work Package 6: Framework Integration and REVEAL Applications

    The objective of this work package is to integrate the models of the Reveal framework and perform the conceptual modelling, design, implementation and evaluation of the use cases.

  • Work Package 7: Evaluation and Impact Analysis

    The main objective of this work package is to understand the behaviour of users’ communities and to evaluate the Reveal applications with potential users. Work package 7 activities will focus not only on the utility and usability but also on trust and privacy issues.

  • Work Package 8: Training, Dissemination and Exploitation Activities

    This work package will provide the required tools to ensure the proper dissemination of the project results to both the scientific communitiy and the general public. Through a number of dissemination channels and an active web portal it will allow to reach different stakeholders and communities.

    Work Package 9: Project Management and Assessment

    The relevant tasks in this work package will ensure the overall management of the work conducted in the project, supporting work package leaders in coordinating their tasks and fostering communication between partners.