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REVEAL | August 17, 2022

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What’s New And What’s True?

What’s New And What’s True?
  • On November 20, 2013

Journalists have always had to deal with an abundance of information coming from various sources – online and offline.

However, social media has had a specifically crucial role in journalism over the last years. From searching content, contacting experts to distributing stories via different platforms, Social Networks have played a pivotal role.

As different tools offer different functions, Deutsche Welle’s Brigit Gray highlighted a list of generic functions that are useful for journalists when looking at social content, information, users or trending topics. Each of these web tools offer functionalities that can be useful when dealing with social network: Storify, Topsy, Icerocket, SocialMention and Addictomatic. Klout or Mentionmapp are examples for tools that focus on the user/author of social media content. Some providers target the marketing industry with subscription-based tools for the monitoring of brands and products in the social media universe (e.g. Bottlenose, Syncapse or Weblyzard).

“Journalists like the fact that several social sources can be searched but they also request refined filtering functions ” -Birgit Gray

Other tools includ Flumes, Spike (Newswhip) and Tame as well as services for journalists and media organisations like Storyful. Unlike general social media tools Spike, Tame and Storyful are largely aimed at journalists.

Another platform that is worth mentioning is the EC co-funded project SocIoS. Here you can see the SocIoS journalist application.

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