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REVEAL | September 30, 2023

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Verify This Week (6/2014)

Verify This Week (6/2014)
Ruben Bouwmeester

Every week, we provide interesting links from around the web that discuss issues regarding the verification processes of content from social media. Here is our list for this week.



Filtering out the noise

Verifying Social Media content often starts with verifying your source. Little Bird helps you with step 1: finding influencers on the topics one is researching.

Nicholas Chabot from Traackr wonders if we should go from influencers to ‘impacters’.

Does what matters to marketeers also matter to journalists? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: VentureBeat, Traackr Blog


Killing Twitter Trolls

Henk van Ess explains how to validate tweets of eyewitnesses. These insights will never be outdated.

Source: SlideShare


“Verified Lists” for free, from Storyful

Lately, you have seen quite some links to Storyful from us. They seem to impress us. Here is another one: Storyful lists. Even if you are not using Storyful they offer a great service by letting you use their verified lists.

Source: Storyful Blog


Lost in the desert – debunking a trusted source

How alone was Marwan while crossing the desert? An interesting story about verification of a tweet by a trustworthy source of CNN. The latest image that was posted on this matter is the one right here, but is it real?

Lost in the desert

Lost in the desert

Source: Storify

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