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REVEAL | March 27, 2023

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Verify this week (32/2014)

Verify this week (32/2014)
Linda Rath-Wiggins

Every week, we provide interesting links from around the web that discuss issues regarding the verification processes of content from social media. Here is our list for this week.


Rebuilding trust in news

According to Markham Nolan, “rebuilding trust in news can’t be done by the old metrics.” This article lays out fundamental questions: What is trust? How can trust be measured? And what does that mean for the news business? Nolan states that trust first needs to be clearly defined in order to be measurable. Here is the problem though: trust is a “pretty slithery thing to define”. Especially nowadays, when trust can also be attached to the recommender and where news consumers can be seen as butterflies: “They do not settle for long on any one news source. They don’t choose news as a bundle from one brand, rather, they flit in and out of news items from their social streams.” 

Source: Medium

Rumor has it …

Have you heard of David Mikkelson, creator of debunking website In this article, Mikkelson talks about how to spot rumors, how to debunk them and he tells us the “most outrageous story that turned out to actually be true”.


Trust in media

Kevin Z. Smith, chairman of the Society of Professional Journalists ethics committee states that trust issues remain mostly the same – even after decades … Interesting article on challenges such as “lazy reporting” or “lack of objectivity” which both can lead to negative effects regarding trust.


Reveal on Slideshare and LinkedIn

Did you know that you can also follow us on Slideshare and LinkedIn? We decided to publish our project-related presentations on Slideshare for you to see and if you’d like to get in contact with us, you can do so via LinkedIn also. We appreciate any comments, links or suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

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