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REVEAL | December 6, 2021

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Verify This Week (14/2015)

Verify This Week (14/2015)
Linda Rath-Wiggins

Here, we provide interesting links from around the web that discuss issues regarding the verification of content from social media: What tools, services and initiatives are there? Who is doing what? What’s the state of affairs regarding eyewitness media and related issues? Here is our list for this week.

How viral tweets get exposed

This article by CJR’s Anna Clark discusses the revealing work of  Paulo Ordoveza who tweets as @PicPedant. Ordoveza challenges “mislabeled, fraudulent, and PhotoShopped images that go viral“ on Twitter. For that, he usually uses Google Reverse Image Search and TinEye.

Source: Columbia Journalism Review

Do you have to question every single photo that you see?

As journalists, we have to be aware that “photographers have been altering images long before Photoshop”. Here you can find some of the earliest examples.

Source: Wired

Monetising fact-checking

How can we make fact-checking sustainable? This article by Catalina Albeanu presents some results of a survey, asking fact-checking organisations how they are funded. Interesting result: “19 out of the 29 fact-checking sites surveyed said 75 per cent or more of their funding came from foundations, 4 received all of their budget from a parent media organisation, and only 3 got 20 per cent or more from ‘earned income'”.


Meet us at the ICT 2015 Exhibition

Meet us in Lisbon at the ICT Exhibition on October, 20-22. REVEAL will demonstrate first iterations of prototypes for the news app and the enterprise app. Feel free to come by, chat with us and exchange ideas.

Source: ICT 2015

Global Fact-Checking Summit

“This video features the work of journalist fact-checkers around the globe who evaluate statements by politicians in order to rate their truthfulness. This video originally was shown at the 2015 Global Fact Checking Summit in London ”

Source: Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University




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