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REVEAL | August 17, 2022

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Verify This Week 14/2014

Verify This Week 14/2014
Jochen Spangenberg

Every week, we provide interesting links from around the web that discuss issues regarding the verification processes of content from social media. Here is our list for this week.



State of the News Media 2014

Although not dealing directly with verification, the “State of the News Media 2014” report makes interesting reading and provides valuable insights into the state of the US news industry. It is the eleventh such edition by the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project. The study examines the landscape of American journalism and includes special reports about the revenue situation for news, the growth in digital reporting, the role of acquisitions and content sharing in local news and developments around digital video. A summary of results can be found here.

Source: Pew Research Journalism Project


Research with Twitter Data

Lots of researchers are analyzing Twitter data for all kinds of purposes, among them verification. Through its streaming API, Twitter shares 1% of all its tweets and lets researchers define a set of parameters for tweet selection. A key question is how representative this 1% of data really is. Researchers Fred Morstatter, Jürgen Pfeffer and Huan Liu investigated this closer. Their findings are presented in a paper entitled When is it Biased? Assessing the Representativeness of Twitter’s Streaming API.

Source: When is it Biased? Assessing the Representativeness of Twitter’s Streaming API


Debunking Hoaxes and Misinformation

Another interesting find is the work of Matt Novak and his blog Paleofuture, which is part of Gizmodo. Novak’s aim is to debunk hoaxes and misinformation. He does so in a regular manner. Findings come from all areas, including fake pictures and more.

Source: Paleofuture


20 Most Famous Hoaxes

Here’s a partly humorous list of what the author calls the “20 most famous hoaxes ever believed by the masses”. One of them, the BBC Panorama news programme piece about the “Swiss spaghetti harvest” from spaghetti trees, was no more and no less than an April Fool’s Day joke (of the year 1957). It sparked quite some reaction though.

Source: Viralnova. Watch the spaghetti harvest video here


Challenges of Computational Verification in Social Media

On 8 April 2014 Symeon Papadopulos of CERTH delivered a presentation entitled Challenges of Computational Verification in Social Media at the SNOW workshop (Social News On the Web). The workshop was part of the www2014 conference in Seoul, Korea. Symeon’s presentation, available on Slideshare, is based on a paper he submitted together with Christina Boididou, Yiannis Kompatsiaris (both CERTH), Steve Schifferes and Nic Newman (City University of London, Department of Journalism). It is part of the work carried out in REVEAL’s partner project Social Sensor. (More on the SNOW workshop, including REVEAL’s involvement, can be found here)

Source: Slideshare

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