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REVEAL | February 5, 2023

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Verify This Week (12/2014)

Verify This Week (12/2014)
Ruben Bouwmeester

Every week, we provide interesting links from around the web that discuss issues regarding the verification processes of content from social media. Here is our list for this week.



Even if it’s fake, it’s real

Even fake images and hoaxes can trigger interesting discussions on topics that matter to us. Should we really care that much if something is not real? Or should we learn to live with the awareness that not all we read in modern media is real by definition? Find out what Matt Haughey has to say on the value of entertainment versus the truth (with some great examples!).

Source: Nieman Journalism Lab


Why an eyewitness mode would help

A simple but brilliant idea by WITNESS and the Guardian Project: why not have an eyewitness mode on your mobile device that would deliver verification metadata with the image or video recorded? It might not be so easy to implement this idea, but apps like Informacam are pointing in the right direction.

Source: WITNESS Blog, The Guardian Project


Who cares if it’s true?

Is this an outcome of the debate over journalism values? The quest for truth seems to precede over the internet correcting itself, as Buzzfeed starts debunking their content before publication. “There was a time when everything was gaming to get on top of Google search results. But trick headlines that disappoint people are counterproductive”, says Summer Anne Burton, managing editorial director of Buzzfeed, in a longread article of CJR. It shows that the likes of Buzzfeed, one example of a modern-day newsroom, are reconsidering their values.

Source: Columbia Journalism Review


Sorting fact from fiction with GrassWire

After crashing spectacularly in the aftermath of the Boston bombings due to the huge amount of traffic on GrassWire, its founders decided to bootstrap it and launch a newly built site sometime soon. GrassWire has already shown its potential as a Social Media news aggregator, so the outcome of the new site is eagerly awaited. Currently, it is possible to sign up for the beta version of the new site. Just to make sure you will be among the first to see it.

Source: The Guardian Media Blog


The winners of The Guardian Witness Awards

From Woolwich attacks to pet of the year Mila, here you can find all the winners of the first Guardian Witness UGC awards. Maybe the crew of GuardianWitness should have been awarded for their excellent work on verification?


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