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REVEAL | September 30, 2023

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Use Cases

REVEAL created three different use cases with the main intention to highlight areas in which REVEAL solutions can be deployed. The use cases are there to guide some of the technical development work. They will be further elaborated within the course of the project.


Journalism scenario: Event Coverage

Over the past few years, Egypt experienced lots of crises and turmoil. First, a revolution resulted in the demise of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. An election brought to power Mohammed Mursi. His planned changes to the country’s legislation would have given him almost dictatorial powers. As a result, new clashes occurred on the streets of Cairo and elsewhere in the country between Egypt’s Islamists and secular-minded groups. Demonstrations with tens of thousands of Egyptians followed. Ultimately, the military ousted president Mursi and installed an interim government.

egypt tahrir square 2011

The challenge for journalists and independent media in all these turbulent times was to report on developments and occurrences in the entire country and analyze the situation. Often, it was difficult to separate truth from lies, propaganda from facts. Especially without or limited direct access to the region, journalists had to rely on other accessible sources, many coming from Social Media.

The main actors in this scenario are journalists, stakeholders (e.g. official representatives), as well as involved citizens who have an interest in publishing information and views on the subject in question. The REVEAL platform is expected to analyze what is being reported by relating and combining it with other sources, evaluate and assess information and present it to users in an easy-to-understand manner. Users will not only be able to receive information passively, but also be put into a position that allows them to perform operations such as comparing different content items and contributors. Finally, it is planned that professional journalists will be able to use the output of the REVEAL platform to produce more informed content items. The ultimate goal is to present events in a way that is as objective and well-informed as possible to the benefit of citizens.



Journalism scenario: Content Production

A journalist has been assigned the task to produce an online documentary on the fragile situation of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The plan is to provide a multimedia special with audio-visual content as well as material from social networks.

New Caledonia Barrier Reef - Entry

Before he sets off for Australia, he does a lot of research and planning, also using information from Social Networks, including contacts he makes through them. In the preparation process, REVEAL helps him to

  • find out if there are different perspectives on the matter, and how they differ
  • categorise different points of view or conclusions drawn
  • get more information about the situation of the reef
  • find individuals and local groups of people with (different) opinions or something to say on the matter, and organise meetings with them.

Moreover, REVEAL enables the journalist to share the information for others to use. The main actor in this scenario is the journalist himself, who uses the REVEAL platform to better organise and carry out a specific task.



Enterprise network scenario

The TECHcommunity is the largest online community for Software AG. It is the central point for all kinds of interests regarding Software AG. In the course of the registration process a user can choose between different channels, depending on his/her focus of interest. The channels then follow the different main product lines of Software AG. There are several sub-communities following different product lines, e.g. the ARIS Community has more than 260.000 registered users. The communities are the main place for end users, experts, developers, students, scientists to share their knowledge and get useful information from others.


The community data mainly consists of user generated content. The daily exploration of community content can benefit tremendously by the higher level analysis proposed in REVEAL, as the nature of the content renders itself ideally for extracting many of the proposed modalities. The community members’ replies, ratings and comments can be utilised to measure modalities like contributor reputation, history, popularity or influence.