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REVEAL | December 4, 2023

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REVEAL Gamification for the ARIS Community

REVEAL Gamification for the ARIS Community
  • On January 23, 2017

One of the questions in the  REVEAL project was how to encourage the user to create content?  Especially in enterprise communities. The ARIS Community, the online community of Software AG for all topics related to Business Process Management was used as enterprise use case. To encourage users, a gamification concept was created and evaluated afterwards.

The concept implements gamification elements like Badges, Points and Levels in the community. Some of these elements are triggered by specific REVEAL Scores (like influence), some are based on user scores (number of posts, comments, likes etc.). These elements are often used to engage users in almost all big online communities and discussion boards. The ARIS Community as a business community focuses on experts and business leaders around ARIS. It provides a way to ask questions and debate features and wishes. Periodically there are also raffles and other activities which engage the users to create content and input for the development and marketing department. The gamification concept is based on all of these activities and profits from them. All algorithms work with a relatively small and sparse dataset because the enterprise community is about a specialist  topic and product and focusses on business experts which care about data economy.

All insights from implementation and evaluation as well as the whole gamification concept and the REVEAL user scores are described in this paper: “Short Guide to Gamification – Findings of the Reveal Project and Practical Application in Enterprise Online Communities”.

Additionally the REVEAL team created videos which describe the gamification elements in a development draft of the ARIS Community. These videos help to understand the whole concept of gamification. The first video provides an introduction to the concept and the ARIS Community, the second video demonstrates the Badges which are based on calculations in the ARIS Community where the third video introduces the Badges which are based on scores from the REVEAL enterprise application.

The first video below gives an overview of the ARIS Community and the user profile. You can see where the Badges, Points and Levels are located. Users are enabled to obtain an overview about their user activities and skills. The features shown can be used to verify users and to find innovation and knowledge leaders. The second part of the video shows the interaction and how users receive  Badges.

The second video introduces Badges and demonstrates how they can be obtained. Badges are described in detail in the “Short Guide to Gamification – Findings of the Reveal Project and Practical Application in Enterprise Online Communities”. The video contains Badges which are based on ARIS Community indicators like number of posts or the completeness of the user profile.

The third video introduces Badges which are based on the REVEAL scores describing influence, sentiments and roles. They also show, where the specific scores are located in the enterprise application.

Author: Martin Scheid, Software AG.