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REVEAL | September 30, 2023

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REVEAL @ First Draft partner meeting and NEM Summit

REVEAL @ First Draft partner meeting and NEM Summit
Jochen Spangenberg

In the week starting 21 November you can meet REVEAL team members at two events: on 22 November, we will be represented at the First Draft News partner network meeting in London. Thereafter, from 23-24 November, we will showcase our work at the NEM Summit in Porto.


November will be another busy month for REVEAL. Not only are we putting the finishing touches to our prototype development work. We are also attending a number of events to showcase project work and achievements, and network with others who are actively involved in the field of UGC / eyewitness media verification.

To start with, we will be attending a kick-off meeting of the extended First Draft News partner network, held in London on 22 November 2016. One aim of this meeting in a series of three (the other two being held in New York and San Francisco) is to introduce and bring together members of the newly created network, and plan for network activities ahead. REVEAL will be represented by Nikos Sarris of ATC, and myself (Jochen Spangenberg, Deutsche Welle)

From London we are flying straight to Porto, Portugal, where we will showcase REVEAL work at the NEM Summit, organised by the NEM Initiative (NEM = New European Media). There, we will be joined by more REVEAL colleagues. Together, the project members who are present will demo some of the outcomes of our work, and discuss future collaboration opportunities with event attendees who are interested in getting things “off the ground” jointly.

If you are attending any of the above events and would like to meet up, drop us a line and do get in touch, or simply come by and talk to us. We would be eager to discuss collaboration opportunities for the future, share insights and show you where we stand with our REVEAL work. Of course, we would also be happy to tell you how we plan to proceed once the project is over, which will be the case on 31 December 2016 when REVEAL formally ends.