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REVEAL | September 30, 2023

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In this section, we list public deliverables – that is project reports that are made available to the public as information sources. They will appear as soon as they have been formally approved (which means in annual cycles). Please note that normal copyright and quoting procedures apply.

Public Deliverables of Project Year 1 (1st Nov 2013 to 31st Oct 2014)

D1.1 Requirements Analysis and Specifications

D1.2 Legal-Regulatory Requirements Analysis

D2.1 Contributor Modelling Requirements and Baseline Approaches

D3.1 Multimedia Indexing Requirements and Baseline Approaches

D4.1 Context Extraction Methods and Context Framework

D5.1 Analytic Report of Metadata Template Definitions

D6.1.1 Architecture and Specifications

D8.2.1 Dissemination Plan and Initial Set of Activities

D9.4.1 Public Project Reports

Public Deliverables of Project Year 2 (1st Nov 2014 to 31st Oct 2015)

D1.2a Legal-regulatory requirements analysis – Intermediary liability for third party content

D1.2b Legal-regulatory requirements analysis – Processing Personal Data from Social Media and Social Media API – Terms & Conditions

D2.2 Social Features of Contributors

D3.2 Multimedia Linking and Mining

D4.2 Context Analysis Methods and Context Aggregation

D6.1.2 Architecture and specifications

D6.2.1 Integrated Platform

D7.1 User evaluation plan

D8.2.2 Dissemination activities report

D9.4.2 Public project reports

Public Deliverables of Project Year 3 (1st Nov 2015 to 31st Dec 2016)

D2.3 Contributor Modelling Modules

D3.3 Multimedia Forensics Analysis

D4.3 Context Analysis Toolbox

D5.2.2 Modality models for trust and credibility

D5.3.2 Metadata driven data fusion framework

D5.4.2 Visualization and analytical tools

D6.2.2 Integrated Platform

D7.2 User Evaluation Report

D8.2.3 Dissemination activities report

D8.4 Training Activities Report

D9.4.3 Public Project Reports